What is it that we at Houdaille Shock Restoration need from our clients in order to ensure the perfect level of fine-tuning and customization in order to guarantee performance with a vehicle? We have a simple list of client requirements that deliver us the essential information we need so we can tailor your shocks to your vehicle.
This process is imperative to ensure proper function of your shocks, as these key details cannot be assumed! We often service shocks that have have been recently serviced elsewhere. Frequently, when these shocks come in, we notice that they have been serviced, disassembled and/or re-assembled incorrectly and placed on the car where the shock cannot function correctly. As we are the world’s premier Houdaille Shock experts, we will use your supplied information and guarantee total function and satisfaction from our work.

Client Needs

  1. Photos of your shocks and how they mount to your frame
    I ask all customers to provide me with digital photos or a drawing of how the shocks are mounted on the frame. Specifically what we are looking for is: the direction the shock mounting bolts are located, horizontal, vertical, 10-4, 2-8.
  2. We also need to know where the shocks are mounted in the rear of the car as in, in front or behind the axle.
  3. Vehicle model and serial number are required for us to track ideosyncracies to each vehicle and record unique needs and demands of each individual vehicle.
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