Diagnostic Testing

$105 Per Hour
  • Stress testing and pressure-based leak inspection
  • Dynamometer testing and simulation
  • Checking for proper function
  • Tension Setting

Have your shock absorbers dynamometer tested by our proprietary equipment, and inspected by a world-class Houdaille Shock expert.

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Full Restoration

$437 Per Shock
  • Replacement of all rubber components
  • Rebound action adjustment customized to your use
  • Dynanometer testing and simulation
  • Painting included if requested
  • Personalized service with world-class expertise
  • Silent block bushing replacement available

Send in your Houdaille shock absorbers to be completely restored in a tried-and-proven manner that is customized to your classic vehicle.

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New Manufacture

Pricing Available

  • Exact replica manufacture, both in appearance and functionality
  • Custom assembled to your vehicle and application
  • 1948-1960 Ferarris and Masaratis
  • The only Houdaille reproduction available worldwide
  • Guaranteed Reliability

Brand new Houdaille shock absorbers for Ferraris & Maseratis. A customized, exact reproduction externally and internally, hand built according to the original specifications by the word’s foremost Houdaille expert.

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