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After about 25 years of rebuilding the Houdaille shock for the Maserati and Ferrari I occasionally get asked if I have spare or old stock Houdaille shocks.  More often than not the answer is no.  There is no pleasure in telling a customer that you can not fulfill a request.  I make new Houdaille shocks for the Ferrari and Maserati and I precisely restore those old shocks as well.

Reproducing a product that has not been in production for almost 60 years comes with a cost.  When a vintage car owner hears the word reproduction many thoughts come to mind such as cheap, low quality, and untested.  Being a purist owner myself and being in the restoration world for many years I also have had these thoughts about reproduction parts.  In the case of the reproduction Houdaille shock that I handle,  I can assure you there is nothing low quality or untested about them.  I am a machinist.  I am a perfectionist.  I believe in old time Yankee craftsmanship and that’s what you get.

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