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The Houdaille shock was intended to be a disposable and replaceable part of your suspension.   After 70 years in existence these shocks have become very rare to find.  Ferrari and Maserati used these shock for only about 10 years and they were only available to buy new a short time after ceasing to use them around 1960.  After 1960 Ferrari owners replaced the Houdaille with the telescoping shock.  It was cheaper and easier to find.  At the time it seemed like the thing to do.  Many race car owners would replace older parts with the modern equivalent for better performance.  This potentially cheapens the vehicle.

For the first time, the Houdaille shock is being reproduced, by me, to original dimensions as they would have been delivered to the factory for assembly in Italy.  Every model of Ferrari or Maserati had a different configuration for the mounting of the shock.  In other words, the manufacturer of the car would contact Houdaille for the specific mounting and placement on the car frame particular to that model and Houdaille would assemble the shock according the the manufacturer’s requirement.  Suffice it to say that the shock is not a cookie cutter piece of equipment on the Ferrari or Maserati.  I guarantee my shock will fit your model as long as you provide me with accurate information of which I will inquire.

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