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Shocks take a beating.  They rust.  They degrade and if not positioned or assembled properly they can damage your vehicle.  The Houdaille shock has rubber components that will degrade over time.  The rubber components include the main shaft seal and the silent block bushing at the end of the arm.  Usually when the shock leaks, most likely the oil is coming from the rotor shaft area.  Here at Houdaille Shock Restoration, we manufacture our own shaft seals to spec.  Why do we make our own seals you ask?  The simple answer is that we were unable to find a seal with the dimensions we needed.  The same is true with the silent block bushing.  We make our own.

Houdaille shocks are adjustable.  The bound action (going over a bump) is set internally.  The rebound action (spring pulling the shock back to neutral) is the adjustable valve aperture.  The shocks were able to be used in all types of applications because of its ability to be adjusted.  It is a very involved piece of equipment.


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