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Not only have I been restoring Houdaille shocks for 25 years,  I have also been restoring and maintaining Ferrari and other high end cars of the 1950/60s.  A machinist by trade, I restore specialized equipment [tractors and turn of the century generators] and rare cars.  Restoring Houdaille shocks was never meant to be a business  but within the small Ferrari and Maserati community, the word got out rather quickly that I have figured out how to restore and manufacture these shocks with utmost accuracy and attention to detail.  With me personalized service is exactly what it means.  You only speak to me about your car and shocks and I am the only one that works on them.  I take my craftsmanship very seriously and am proud to work on your shocks.  With this attention to detail I ask that all customers provide the same information such as how the shock mounts in the car and where exactly the shock is mounted on the frame among other information.  With this information, I can guarantee the the shock will perform as intended for that car.  All to often I find the shocks are not where they were supposed to be mounted on that car due to a previous restoration attempt.  I don’t necessarily care how they come off the car as long as I know how they are supposed to go back on.  If your shock restorer does not ask these questions, I would have second thoughts using them.

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